This is a website where you can get information on compatible printers for InBody.
(Please contact us for discontinued products such as InBody 720/520 etc...)

InBody Compatible Printer Language
※ The printer language is a technical specification and there is a possibility of malfunction due to the characteristics of the printer model,
    so please refer to the list below.
InBody Compatible Printer

※ These are the printers whose output has been confirmed in InBody 270/370S/470/570/620/770/970/BWA2.0/S10/J30/J50.
How to Determine InBody Compatible Printer

How to check if the printer is compatible with InBody

Please refer to the guideline below to check if the printer is compatible with InBody.

※ PRN files download link.

Printer Language Download
SPL SPL, SPL 2009, SPL 2009-600, SPL2011

1. Connect the printer that you want to test to a computer running the Windows operating system.

2. Refer to the printer manual and install the driver.

3. Share the printer by referring to the attached video.

※ Change Share name to an easy-to-use name.

4. Press "Windows Key + R" to activate the "Run" window and enter "CMD".

5. When the DOS screen appears, enter "cd Desktop". (Be careful of a lower and upper case letter)

6. Next, enter "copy prt_data_PCL.prn /b \\\printer" to check if it prints out.

1) Before testing, make sure that the printer is operating normally by using a Notepad.

2) The PRN file that you want to test must be on the desktop.

3) If you test another PRN file because the printer does not work after entering the Copy command,
turn the printer off and on, then check if it works normally in Notepad, and then proceed with the test.
The reason is to remove the wrong data because the wrong data remains in the printer buffer if the printer does not work after entering the Copy command.